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What is the total cost of sand including delivery?

This varies with the amount of sand delivered. Our minimum order is (18 yards) please read the following information to get a close estimate of your total cost that includes both shipping and sand under the"Current shipping price per mile for one truck load" heading.

One yard of sand weighs 2,700 pounds and it is crucial that the drop-off area is accessible, flat, and solid. For more information on whether or not your site is accessible to a semi-truck please visit the following link: Turning Radius Guidelines

Current shipping price per one-way mile for one 18-yard truckload

5-11-13: $3.25

WhiteSandCo is headquartered in Southeastern Michigan.  The final cost of sand to our customers is not only the price of sand but the cost of shipping too. Shipping quite often is the most expensive item of the total cost.  Keep in mind the minimum dump truck order we sell is a full truckload which is 23 tons or approximately 18 yards.  23 tons is the most a single truck can ship across state lines, however, in Michigan sand can be hauled in forty-yard loads.  The average volleyball court takes a minimum of 100 yards. 

Please take the time to Map Quest the distance of your location to our location.  If your budget is close to the total cost calculated using our estimation method than give us a call, we will be glad to give you an exact quote. The following shipping and sand quotes are based on a one-truck 18 yard (23-ton) order.  To obtain mileage calculations for shipping estimates please visit, then use the zip code of our location (49441) and the zip code of your location to find the total mileage.  After you have determined the total (one way) mileage then multiply the (one way) mileage by the current dollar amount per mile to obtain an approximate shipping cost.  Remember this estimate is for the cost of shipping for one truckload (23-tons or 18-yards) and does not include the price of the sand. To obtain the total price of shipping and sand, read the following instructions and examples:

Use mapquest to find the total shipping miles. Multiply mileage by the current rate per mile for the total shipping cost of one truckload. Then, add the price of one truck of sand from that location (listed below), to the shipping total for the total cost of sand delivered. 

Example:  One truckload of sand from our 49443 West Michigan location to a location in Indianapolis.  Total miles = 260.  Price for shipping = 260 x $3.25 = $845.  Price of 23 tons of sand from our West Michigan location is $874. Total price of shipping + sand = $845 (shipping) + $874 (sand) = $1719 (total).  In this example the shipping was a considerable part of the total price! For many locations shipping will be more than the price of sand itself.

We have quantity discounts on our sand (greater than 40 yards)  


49443 West Michigan location (A great sand, and a good value). Tan to brite tan. Current cost of 23 tons of sand: $38/ton x 23 tons = $874

Is our sand safe? Our sand is silica based and is 100 % natural. It is the same sand found on natural beaches throughout the United States including the Great Lakes. OSHA has determined that fine particle sized natural silica sands are hazardous to your health, therefore, Industrial use is prohibited. Customer should contact OSHA about the safety of their particular use.


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