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The White Sand Company is an aggregate company supplying top quality sand products originating from the Dunes of Michigan. Our minimum order is 18 yards (a very large dump truck load).  Please see our FAQ  page for cost estimates that include the price of shipping and sand.  We supply the highest quality Lake Michigan volleyball sand, sporting event sand, beach sand, dune sand and play sand that only the dunes of Michigan can provide.   Our sand is a must for inland beaches, volleyball courts, horse arenas, children's play areas and more.   Our sand does not contain any chemicals or man-made compounds and is 100% natural.  It does not crust because it is not filtered dirt.   We are the premier recreational sand supplier in North America providing sand for sale throughout the United States.

Purely formed from the fresh water shores of the Great Lakes and shipped right to your home; Lake Michigan sand offers a treat to your senses. Laugh while your children build sand castles, or, join in and feel the soft gentle texture of the worlds greatest sand for yourself. Whether you're a sports enthusiast looking for tournament quality volleyball sand or a mom dreaming of bright beaches and clean carpeting after a trip to the water, there is only one choice- Lake Michigan Dune Sand!  Those who know, choose Great Lakes sand for its natural purity, texture, and brightness.

Due to the heavy nature of sand, the price of shipping is normally much greater than the price of sand. The minimum full load dump truck quantity we sell is 18 yards (23 tons).  For orders of 18 yards (23 tons) shipped anywhere in the United States visit our FAQ page. Thank you for your interest in our sand products. 

We no longer sell white Florida Sand.


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