Common Questions About Our Sand Products

This varies with the choice of sand delivered (we have two grades), amount of sand, and distance to your site. Our minimum order is 18 yards. Please Text, Email, or Call for a free estimate.

One yard of sand weighs 2,700 pounds, and it is crucial that the drop-off area is accessible, flat, and solid with plenty of room for a large semi-truck to turn around. For more information on whether or not your site is accessible to a semi-truck, please visit the following link: Turning Radius Guidelines.

The White Sand Co. is not responsible for any damage to driveways, access lanes, or right-of-ways used for delivery to the site. By ordering our sand, you the purchaser state the area to be accessed by our vehicles is your property and that you have permission to access your property by the owner of property(s) for purposes of ingress or egress to your site. The truck is a large semi and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide a delivery site that has room to maneuver, is level, with no overhead obstructions and firm. Delivery times or dates are approximate and Whitesandco is not responsible for delays that are a result of conditions beyond our control. Payment in full is required seven business days before shipment date.

Our sand is silica based and 100 % natural. It is the same sand found on natural beaches throughout the United States, including the Great Lakes. OSHA has determined that fine particle-sized natural silica sands are hazardous to your health; therefore, industrial use is prohibited. The customer should contact OSHA about the safety of their particular use.